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Houses with Finished Basements for Sale in Mississauga Sell for More

Incorporating the basement into a house’s living space is a smart idea! Often seen as a dark and dingy space used for function rather than recreation, a finished basement maximizes space and increases property value. Houses with finished basements for sale in Mississauga are seeing a great return on investment as housing prices continue to climb.
Move the party downstairs and create a welcoming bar area for entertaining – or, expand the family space and add in an extra bedroom or bathroom. Create an additional seating area for cozying up and watching some television together. These things and much more you can do with a finished basement!
Many home improvement stores offer free workshops on how to renovate your basement space. Or, if you’re less “do it yourself” and more “do it for me,” look into choosing a professional contractor who can help finish the space for you with your vision in mind.
Houses with finished basements for sale in Mississauga sell for more money! Renovating empty space into livable space will help you to realize a great return on investment!
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There are so many opportunities to improve a house’s living space by turning the basement into a recreational area. Adding an extra room or two into an otherwise dark and dingy area of the house is a project definitely worth taking on. Whether you are a "do-it-yourself” kind of person, or a "do-it-for-me” person, a basement renovation project will not only bring enjoyment to your family members, but add resale value to your home. Houses with finished basements for sale in Mississauga for example, are seeing positive returns as housing prices continue to climb. Adding a fourth bedroom and a third bathroom will increase the value and therefore sell for more.


When beginning with a renovation, start with the walls – ensure the basement has the proper insulation. Because basements are sub-level, it is important to make sure that warm air is trapped in the space and any drafts are taken care of. Choose mold-free drywall to combat moisture. Choose floors that are water conscious such as laminate or vinyl and ensure a proper vapour barrier is installed underneath. A better way even is to go with installing a subfloor. This also makes the floor more energy efficient and less cold on your toes! Or, choose a soft carpet with the appropriate underlay or subfloor underneath. Many people are considering engineered hardwood for the basement, which not only looks great but adds to the resale value of the property. As for the ceilings, many people choose a drop ceiling, which enables you to still access any important pipes or electrical that are essential for the rest of the house.


Local home improvement stores will offer free workshops to teach customers how to complete a basement renovation project, or provide installation services to complete it for you. They will help you to understand how to make the most of your basement space, so you can enjoy it for years to come!